Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Our iPad Journey Begins...

This is my 11th year teaching in the Bellevue Public Schools, and 1st year at Fairview Elementary.  I have my bachelors degree from Midland University in Elementary Education, Physical Education, and Middle Grades Science and Math.  I obtained my Masters Degree from Doane College in Administration in 2009.  

I feel very blessed to be in a profession that brings such joy to my life everyday.  I believe all students (young or old) can reach any goals we set for ourselves.  I look forward to achieving our goals above and beyond what we can imagine!  I am excited to share in this educational journey with iPads this semester with our 6th grade class! 

Upon returning back from Winter break, students didn't begin our day with tales of their break or the "bonus day" off we had, but with excitement and anticipation of when we would be receiving the iPads to use in our classroom.  Our class is ready for the challenge to use this technological vehicle to deliver and receive curriculum based instruction this semester!    


  1. Stephanie! Great 1st post! I am so excited about you blogging and getting ipads! I hope this space becomes a place for you to reflect and share all the good, bad, and ugly that goes on in your 1:1 ipad classroom journey!

  2. Joel Rogness10:23 AM1

    Tried to post this on the blog, but something went wrong. She might consider updating the comment section to the G+ version? I think it's available for everyone now.

    Hey - I followed a G+ link over here. Good luck with the iPads - I taught in a 1:1 iPad classroom for a few years, and it was a great learning experience for the students and (mainly?) for me. I found Edmodo with Subtext to be a great social reading platform, and preferred content creation in GarageBand to the various other programs I tried, including iMovie. Best of luck!