Thursday, January 16, 2014

iPad Collab

Yesterday, we were able to collaborate with other Bellevue Public Schools teachers who are also entering into the world of 1:1 iPad classrooms.  The "veteran" 1:1 teachers were available for us  "rookies" to pick apart their ideas and find out what works and doesn't.  It was such an amazing work day and that helped me to feel even more excited and better prepared for this journey.

I am such a fan of the model Bellevue Public Schools has designed for becoming a 1:1 district.  Teachers are able to learn about Apple Foundations and then apply for the 1:1 classroom if they feel the time is right for their students and them.  Teachers who WANT to put in the time and effort to have this amazing opportunity, are able to apply to the iPad Academy.  Once you've been selected for the iPad Academy, our incredible iPad coaches and tech team provide monthly collaboration times we can share our successes, failures, and create meaningful lessons for our class.  

Yesterday's meeting was so beneficial to my learning as a "rookie" 1:1 teacher.  I was able to find some key apps that I want to try with my students when creating portfolios and projects.  I was also able to learn some very appealing ways to assist with grading and paperwork, such as Flubaroo.  I am excited for the iPads to get here, and so thankful our district is investing the time and resources to ensure teachers are successful in this 1:1 iPad journey!


  1. Great post Stephanie! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I, of course, agree with you on all your points made!
    I truly look forward to the impact we will have at #FVFirebirds Elementary and your 6th grade class as well as Tori's and Sara's.
    This is going to be a fun journey!

  2. Great post, Stephanie! I feel we have all the ingredients for success! I feel honored and privileged to work with such fantastic educators. Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing your students reap the benefits of all your hard work!

  3. Stephanie,
    Thank you for sharing your experience. Support is key during any type of technology integration. It sounds like your district is rolling out 1:1 the right way. Enjoy watching your student's engagement level rise and your collaborative interactions with colleagues soar. Good luck!

  4. Truly excited to be working through this experience with you Stephanie! It's going to be great that I can just walk across the hallway to collab with you real quick when I need to bounce an idea off of you or just ask a question when my brain isn't working up to speed!