Friday, January 10, 2014

Digital Portfolios

I remember making the switch to a gmail account and how it was a learning curve!  I quickly became a huge fan of all the amazing online based options gmail provides.  I first dabbled with Google drive and Google calendar.  Recently, I began using the blogger to create a professional blog of our iPad journey.  Today, we had the privilege to learn about creating a digital portfolio for our students using the Google sites feature.  I am so excited to have each student create their own "resume" of their work!  They will be able to have this portfolio housed through their gmail accounts and it will be kept indefinitely so they can access it years down the road.  It will be a great way for them to see how their goals and interests transpire over their educational career and house their work!  A huge thanks to Megan Kinen for teaching us about this amazing feature, and for the support of our iPad coach, Brent Catlett!  If you are interested in having your students do a digital portfolio, take a look at the "sites" feature in your gmail.  I'm very excited to get this out to our 6th graders at Fairview!


  1. Thank you for inviting me! I am very excited to see where the FV 6th grade team goes with these digital portfolios. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. We'll begin using these with middle school students tomorrow...let the adventure begin!

  2. Fantastic! I love the idea of digital portfolios. I will be excited to see the work your students are able to compile and bring up to the middle school!